Propnology aims to change the future of property investment by removing the barriers to entry, traditionally associated with buy-to-let, whilst simultaneously using technology to deliver an innovative, fully automated, online experience.

The platform is open to individuals and companies looking to promote an investment opportunity using property crowdfunding as an alternative to the traditional methods of sale.

Every crowdfunded property investment undergoes a thorough and systematic due diligence process, prior to being listed, and funding is quickly achieved - typically within 30 days. Properties are acquired within a UK Limited Company, with investors becoming shareholders of the company upon completion. Once funded, Propnology continues to act as the single point of contact, simplifying the whole process for investors, partners and their vendors.

Propnology does not charge fees to its partners and our network is continually being developed to meet the individual objectives of our investors; this ensures an ongoing choice of investment opportunities, across a range of property classes, with an extended geographical reach throughout the U.K.

Although Propnology undertakes to promote the sale of an offering, on the platform, partners are encouraged to leverage their own marketing channels during the funding period e.g. client databases and social media.

To register as a partner, contact us for more information.